A safe place to stay and learn

Annual holiday? Business trip?

  • Don’t want dog to be caged all day or at all
  • Anxious dog needs behavior professional
  • Don’t want dog to be miserable while you’re away
  • Allergic dog needs special attention
  • ​No one will take your fearful or unneutered dog
​ ​ ​ ​

What happens daily during the stay

  • A mentally tired dog
  • Exercise for the day
  • Relieve boredom
  • Owner peace of mind
  • Managing problem behaviors
  • Safe and supervised activities

Enrichment-focused boarding results

  • Calmer and normal dog
  • Learns basic manners
  • Confidence building
​ ​
  • Responsive and focused dog​
  • Personality development
  • ​Flexibility


Need more than just boarding?

For an additional fee, you can customize your dog’s stay to transform his personality with games and training activities tailored to his needs.


Body handling


Play deficit

Play biting

Loose leash walking


Weight loss

To be accepted for boarding
your dog must:

Pass an assessment

This gives your dog a chance to know us and for us to understand and be able to meet his needs.

Be up to date on vaccinations

(Minimum Parvo / Distemper combination)

You will be asked to provide proof of current vaccination records or valid titer results

Be up to date on our approved flea / tick preventive

(Panoramis, Nexgard, Revolution)

You will be asked to provide proof of dosing