For Your Urban Dog

We focus on enrichment to mentally and physically tire your urban dog

Enrichment is often an underestimated strategy to complement training for “behavioral issues” in dogs, especially “hyperactivity” and abnormal repetitive behaviors that result from boredom and frustration. ​ It’s also a key component in animal welfare because it directly improves the animal’s overall quality of life.

We Use Five Forms of Enrichment


Engaging activities to encourage the use of the five senses


Our attending dogs are separated into appropriate play groups for safe and supervised play


We ditch the bowl! Food is dispensed in toys and games to simulate foraging and hunting


No day is identical! We utilize spatial and textural novelty by changing up the environment to destroy the monotony


By playing games with our dogs daily, we can continuously fire the right synapses that encourage your dog to make good choices

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Our Focus on Animal Welfare

The significant advances in research and knowledge about dogs and animal welfare have resulted in necessary changes in the care of our companion animals. Our goal for the industry is to:

  • Spearhead programs to achieve the highest welfare standards for the dogs in our care
  • Be leaders and advocates in canine welfare
  • Provide environments that focus on the dog's physical and behavioral needs