First Visit

I want to sign up! Where do I start?

Every dog that attends Daycare or Boarding goes through a mandatory Assessment. This gives your dog a chance to know us and for us to identify which behaviors we want to encourage and discourage in order to accurately to fulfill his needs.

Why is an assessment necessary?​

We set behavioral goals for every dog that arrives under our care, which we continue to evaluate and adjust as needed, taking into consideration the biological, social and cognitive needs of each dog.

Our goal is to fulfill your dog’s mental and physical needs so that you can enjoy a calmer and better dog.

How long is the assessment?

We require a minimum of 3 hours just to allow your dog to adjust to his daycare environment, so please plan for your dog to stay for at least 5 hours minimum for the assessment. If for any reason your dog isn’t comfortable, or any other issues arise, we will call you to come pick up your dog.

We will go over the assessment evaluation with you when you pick up your dog. If everything goes great, you can schedule your next Daycare or Boarding date! If your dog does not pass the assessment, our Behavior Consultant will provide suitable recommendations.

Scheduling An Assessment

Please fill in the application form here. Our team will reply with an available appointment and what to expect for the day.

To complete your application form, we will require a copy of your dog’s most recent vaccination records for minimum Parvo and Distemper. We also accept titers done within a 2 year period. Assessments are only conducted from Monday to Friday.

Does the assessment include Daycare?

Yes! Assessments are RM100 and includes the cost of one day of Daycare.

The assessment will be conducted by our Behavior Consultant.

Assessment Validity

To keep your assessment valid, we will need to see your dog at least every 3 months. If your dog has not attended Daycare or Boarding or Classes for 3 months since his last visit, we may ask for him to be assessed again, to ensure that his behavior goals are met.